Relationships workshop: 13 October 2018, Perth

Understanding and enriching all types of relationships

We are hardwired to form bonds and attachments.  Relationships satisfy a basic human need to be close, supported and connected.  They give life meaning.  The stronger the network of social connections we have the happier and healthier we become.

This workshop will focus on all aspects of the relationships we have in our life……give us ideas on how to create and maintain meaningful relationships with others……our family, children, friends, colleagues and partners.

Relationships are a 2 way street.  They require work.  They require us to relate to each other, communicate to each other and share moments of our life together.  Relationships are emotional, physical and mental.  They keep us growing and evolving learning new things about self and others.  Our Relationships reflect our beliefs about self, others and the world.

The workshop will involve information and exercises to explore your own ways of relating, your belief systems and how they enhance or block relating.  You will learn skills to help make new relationships and strengthen current ones.  Options for change will be offered to get more out of your relationships and strengthen the value of your relationships with conscious relating.

This workshop will be appropriate for anyone who has relationships of any kind who want to understand themselves better and would like to discover ways of enriching their relationships.

Professionals are also welcome and can claim this as PD hours.  The questionnaires, theory and hand-outs can be used for themselves and to use with their clients.

Venue:             Tuart Place, 24 High Street, Fremantle.

Date:              Saturday 13th October 2018, 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Cost:               $190 including a booking deposit of $50 (includes GST). Includes morning and afternoon tea and coffee.

Presenter:        Jan Coleman

Jan is accredited by the ITAA and ATAA as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA). She has a Bachelor of Nursing and a Masters of Science (Psychotherapy) and is a registered member of PACFA.  Jan has been practising psychotherapy since 1987 and has been teaching, supervising and training transactional analysts since 1992.

For further information contact Jan on 0429 405 255 or